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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Basti Pincode / Post Office Search (BASTI, Uttar Pradesh)

Amauna Pandey B.O 272191BastiUttar Pradesh
Ambari B.O 272150BastiUttar Pradesh
Asnar B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Asogwa B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Athadama B.O 272151BastiUttar Pradesh
Atraura B.O 272175BastiUttar Pradesh
Audahi Kalan B.O 272201BastiUttar Pradesh
Babhnan S.O 272161BastiUttar Pradesh
Babhnauli B.O 272165BastiUttar Pradesh
Baghari B.O 272170BastiUttar Pradesh
Baghauli B.O 272175BastiUttar Pradesh
Baghnagar B.O 272002BastiUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur B.O 272302BastiUttar Pradesh
Bai Pokhar B.O 272002BastiUttar Pradesh
Bai.Mustahkam B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Baijnathpur B.O 272165BastiUttar Pradesh
Bairagal B.O 272131BastiUttar Pradesh
Bajahara B.O 272125BastiUttar Pradesh
Bakainia B.O 272165BastiUttar Pradesh
Bangawa B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Bankata B.O 272002BastiUttar Pradesh
Bankati Bazar S.O 272123BastiUttar Pradesh
Bankuiya B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Banpur S.O (Basti) 272177BastiUttar Pradesh
Bansgoan B.O 272170BastiUttar Pradesh
Bansi H.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Banskhor Kalan B.O 272126BastiUttar Pradesh
Barahuwan B.O 272123BastiUttar Pradesh
Bargadwa Khabhri B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Bargo B.O 272175BastiUttar Pradesh
Barhni S.O 272201BastiUttar Pradesh
Barhya B.O 272161BastiUttar Pradesh
Basantpur B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Basti Bs S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Basti H.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Basti Huchhary S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Beili B.O 272302BastiUttar Pradesh
Bhadawal B.O 272155BastiUttar Pradesh
Bhainsa Khoont B.O 272165BastiUttar Pradesh
Bhangura B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Bhanwari B.O 272153BastiUttar Pradesh
Bodwal B.O 272170BastiUttar Pradesh
Chhardahi B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Dakhin Darwaza S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Delhwa B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Dihukpura B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Dingrapur B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Gaighat B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Gauspur B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
ITI S.O (Basti) 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Kalwari S.O (Basti) 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Kanaila B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Kudraha B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Kusaura B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Manuwa B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Orijote S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Pandey Bazar S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Parsaon B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
Pipragautam B.O 272124BastiUttar Pradesh
Rajpur Bairihwa B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh
T B Clinic S.O 272001BastiUttar Pradesh
Umaria B.O 272301BastiUttar Pradesh